In May of 1974, the South Hamilton School had two bands
that performed at the Iowa Bandmaster Association Convention
held in Des Moines in the Savory Hotel Grand Ballroom.

The Sixth Grade Band,
and the Junior High 8th & 9th Grade Symphonic Band

The following news article was published May 29, 1974 - text below the article:

Jr. High Band performs in Des Moines

    Thursday, May 23 was a day of excitement and anticipation when the Junior High Syphonic Band and Elementary Band directed by Orley Kilburn and Alan Spohnheimer performed for the Iowa Bandmasters' Association at their convention and clinic in Des Moines.

    It was like a dream come true to receive this honor.   They played at 1:15 p.m. in the ball room of Hotel Savery.

    When the bands performed in Des Moines, the girls were dressed in formals.  Mrs. Charlsie Kilburn, Ann Enderson, and Pattie Marsh checked the formals of Junior high girls just before they were loaded on the bus.  Band instruments must be loaded for travelling.  Kim Wiese, Chris Redling, Kathy Graham,  Kathreen Lindemann and Patty Soma wait for the band instruments to be loaded.

    Chaperones for the buses made their final check of students and received final directions from Orley Kilburn, director, just before the Junior High Symphonic Band left for Des Moines in three buses at 10:00 a.m.

    Those accompanying the group from Jewell were Mrs. Clinton Sealine, Mrs. LuVerne Bjustrom, Mrs. George Abell, Mrs. John Halleland, Mrs. Gary Wing, Mrs. Charles Wilcox, Mrs. Joe Hanson, Mrs. Luther Lund, and Mrs. Vernon Jacobson.

    Orley Kilburn, director, and the Junior High Symphonic Band were all set to leave for the 47th Iowa Bandmasters Convention at Hotel Savery, Des Moines, Thursday, May 23.

1974 Symphonic Band Personnel

Lori Eide
Ann Enderson
Marcia Frette
Lori Greenfiled
Kathreen Lindemann
Patti March
Sharon McCoskey
Kathy Peters
Cindy Weltha
Julie Williams
Lorrie Wing
Amy Wininger

Sara Anderson
Suzi Jansen

Wendy Erickson

Becky Sabell
Diane Arends
Nancy Brown
Deanne Carlson
Deb Caudle
Lynn Dorris
Naomi Hall
David Johnson
Janice Kilmer
Micki Kuhfus
Susan Lewiston
Julie Sealine
Denise Staples
Brenda Wilcox
Peggie Wilcox

Eb Clarinet
Jill Rex

Alto Clarinet
Jean Jolivette
Kim Wiese


Bass Clarinet
Patti Soma
Linda Steele

Contra-Alto Clarinet
Lois Remme

Alto Saxophone
Kay Danielson
Kathy Graham
Bob Halleland
Elaine Heeren
Craig Hill
Joel Jacobson
Tracey Jacobson
Karen Klaver
Keith Kreuer
Craig Ringstad
Martha Streuber

Tenor Saxophone
Donna Doyle
Mary Welp

Baritone Saxophone
Karen Dahl
Mona Dass

French Horn
Lee Herbert
Mike Katschke
Kathy Peterson
Christy Redling
Gloria Redling

Todd Auestad
Paul Baldus
Mark Bjustrom
Steve Carlson
Perry Hadaway
Tim Hanson
Wes Iverson
Gary Larson
Everett Peterson
Glenda Peterson
Tad Smith
John Teig
Rod Twedt

Mike Boyd
Rick Danger
Gene Grimsley
Steve Hougland
Marvin Morgart
Doug VanLangen

Steve Arends
Brian Wilcox

Gary Crim
Pete Schnepf
Rick Sexe

Linda Erbes
Frank Hanson
Ay Johnson
Dennis Klaver
Kelly Ringstad
Shari Smith
Alan Staples
Karen Teig
Cindy Thompson

Ken Clabaugh

Jeff Textor

Janis Busing
Saundra Flygstad



Sixth Grade Band Personnel

Barbara Abell
Marcia Crim
Karen Voga
Jill Hanson
Sharyl Sargent
Teresa Thoreson
Rose Ann Sealine
Janelle McGonigle
Beth Murphy
Michelle Carlson

Kathy Wilson
Tanya Hill
Jill Magnuson
Penny Sonerholm
Carole Hove
Annette Hassebrock
Lori Dorris
Steven Girvan
Carl Barr
Debra Sheesley
Sheryl Ouderkirk
Pamela Hanson
DeAnn Hill
Kay Barkema
Shelly Perry
Mary Barkema
Joe Fisher
Kevin Boyd
Jackie Katschke
Mark Greenfiled

Alto Clarinet
Tonya Soldwish


* Brass Quintet Members
Bass Clarinet
Jill Ringstad
Monica Sogard

Alto Saxophone
Janett Samuelson
Tamara Auestad
Karla Eide
Celeste Johnson
Willa Wiese
Gayla Dutcher
Tim Lund

Tenor Saxophone
Lori Hetland
Tracy Miller
Alan Vold

Baritone Saxophone
Rachel Erickson
Cheryl Kilmer

* Ross Whitlock
Bruce Halleland
David Hougland
Charlie Strom
* Randy Clark
Linda Craven
Charles VanLangen
John Fisher
John Berg
Kyle Johnson
* Lee Maples
Brad Toussaint
Scott Blaine
Michael Eivins
Brad Carlson
Thomas Hadaway
David Rasmussen
Cathy Clausen

French Horns
Joel Danielson
Steve Conaway

* Leah Johnson
Todd Olson
Paul Arneson
Kurt Bjustrom
Tom Ahrens
Daniel Hall

* Glen Klaver
David Swenson

Jon Sealine
Brad Welp
Mark Egeland

John Espeland
Floyd Long
Ronda Olson
Dennis Van DePol

Pamela Norem

Andrew Peterson


Richard W. Textor
HS Principal:
Larry Beard
Elementary Principal:
Willis E. Welp
HS Director:
Max Whitlock
1974 Sixth Grade Band


This article in the June 4, 1974 South Hamilton News:

"Iowa Band Masters
never had it so good"

This above statement may have a familiar ring - however this time - we are sure - there were none to disagree.  "That's what the man said."  That is the president of Iowa Band Masters' remark after Orley Kilburn's 8th and 9th grade symphonic band played for them on the afternoon of May 23 at the Saverly Hotel in Des Moines.  Other descriptions of their performance are "polished" and "smooth".   Were we ever proud to be from South Hamilton School that day (and we naturally always will be) -- but May 23 was an extra special day.   Mr. Kilburn, we parents did not listen to the music with trained ears - but believe us - we listened to the comments from the bandmasters with our especially "tuned in" trained parent ears, and we heard beautiful comments to confirm what we already thought we knew.   Orley Kilburn paid tribune to his friend and associate, Mr. Max Whitlock, by handing him the stick to guest direct one of Karl King's marches.   What a joy to watch these smooth performances!

We are wondering about our sixth grade band under the sparkling eye (he'll love that description) of Alan Spohnheimer.   Well, citizens of South Hamilton School - Mr. Spohnheimer can burst his buttons with pride.  He has a magnificent way with our kids and they really play their hearts out and if they didn't, they surely fooled us).   The president of Iowa Band Masters expressed his pleasure with the 6th grade band performance and noted this band is in top form for their grade level.   I cannot let this article go to press without shouting special recognition to Mr. Spohnheimer and the 6th graders for their fantastic job of beginning the program with "The Star Spangled Banner."   It certainly jarred us all loose after waiting for the program to begin, for Mr. Spohnheimer to step up to his position.   Suddenly a crash of cymbals, a drum roll, and thunderous boom of the big bass drum brought us all to our feet instantly with perhaps a couple of tears at least ready to surface.   We were proud, a nice kind of proud.

Mr. Beard gave a short talk between band performances about our community and school system.   Following each concert the bands were given an honor award from the Iowa Band Masters Association.

They did us proud, South Hamilton Community.  Chalk another big one up for our young people!   The Iowa Band Masters have never had it so good.

Sponsored by the South Hamilton Music Boosters.

An LP record was made of the performances at the 1974 IBA Convention.
Each band had one side of the record.

6th Grade side of the recording


Junior High Symphonic Band side of the recording


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