1974-1975 South Hamilton High School Band
     The South Hamilton Senior High Concert Band of 1974-1975 was greatly honored this year by being asked to perform for the Iowa Music Educator's Association Convention which was held January 18, 1975 in the Fort Des Moines Hotel.   They were also kept busy at home preparing for the concerts which they performed in the high school gym in Jewell on December 8, March 2, and May 20.

      The last concert was a combined effort with the vocalists, as well as the art and home economic departments.   People attending the "Fine Arts Festival" first listened to a beautiful choral concert.  Then while walking to the gymnasium, they were able to view the many various art projects on display in the rotunda.  These projects included paintings, drawings, crafts, photographs, and pottery.  In the home economics rooms, blouses and other garments were on display as well as refinished furniture and hand-made pillows.   The instrumental concert featured trobone soloist Mark Whitlock in a breath-taking performance of "The Blue Bells of Scotland."   Two student teacher guests conducted pieces.   These guests were Mr. Dave Swaroff and Mrs. Barb Needham, both ISU students.  The jazz band concluded the evening and issued a special invitation to all people to attend the second "Old-Timers" Dance scheduled for May 31.

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Concert Band, Front row: Julie Klaver; Sara Anderson.
Second row: Pam Lutjen; Julie Whitlock; Sue Hove; Laurinda Schaa; Pam Carlson; Trudy Heers: Julee Olson; Sandy Quam.
Third row: Ronda Carlson; Robin Peterson; Pat VanLangen; Susan Lewiston; Julie Nelson; Andy Auestad; Jean Jolivette; Deb Chelsvig; Lori Voss; Kim Wiese; Sue Mortenson; Patty Soma.
Fourth row: Sandy Marsh; Dave Johnson; Diane Arends; Janelle VanDePol; Sheryl Thompson; Gretchen Vaubel; Sharon Aden; Peggy Anders; Wendy Wiese; Mary Beth Walker; Craig Hill; Russ Teig; Gary McCoskey; Paul Baldus; Glenda Peterson; Everett Peterson. 
Fifth row:  Carla Luppes; Paula Weltha; Jeanette Vold; Gregg Doyle; Lynn Dorris; Michele Kuhfus; Janice Kilmer; Kris Ringstad; Becky Jacobson; Martha Streuber; Peggy Ahrens; Bobby Halleland; Tracy Jacobson; Steve Fisher; Kathy Graham; Keith Kreuer; Cecilia Hadaway; Tim Hold; Mary Welp.
Sixth row:  Dennis Klaver; Frank Hanson; Shair Smith; Linda Erbes; Craig Arneson; Scott Ringstad; Jerry Ober; Jon Christianson; Mike Johnston; Mike Weltha; Alan Staples; Jim Kilmer; Kendal Flygtad.
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Concert Band, Front row: Wendy Erickson; Pat Ingamells.
Second row:  Lural Flystad; Mary Jans; Petti March; Kathreen Lindemann; Carol North; Marcia Frette; Rita Schumaker; Kathy Peters.
Third row:  Kent Lindemann; Tim Hanson; Terry Barkema; Duane Soma; Daryl Wiese; Mike Jansen; Ilene Miller; Ann Enderson Amy Wininger; Julie Williams; Cynthia Weltha.
Fourth row:  Time Krumm; Richard Heeren; Brad Olson; Kirk Ringstad; Steve Danielson; Mark Isebrands; Greg Richard; Dick Iverson; Kyle Bottorr; Dave Leeman; Bruce Jolivette; Todd Brekken; Mike Katschke; Terry Inboden; Ron Williams.
Fifth row:  Donna Doyle; Jeff Knutson; Kurtis Carlson; John Graham; John Lass; Richard Hanson; Myron Ostebee; Joel Erickson; Brian Wilcox; Steve Arends; Lanny Staples; Harlan Berglund; Marvin Mogart; Denny Vulgamott; Steve Hougland; Ron Barkema; Roger Abell; Rich Anderson; Mark Whitlock.
Sixth row:  Randy Hove; Rick Sexe; Mr. Max Whitlock, Director; Janeen Sogard; Loree Mortvedt; Robin Hanson.
Not pictured:  Cindy Thompson.

The 1974-1975 South Hamilton High School Marching Band
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      The South Hamilton Band functions during the fall and spring seasons.   During the fall, for most of eight weeks, the band performed for pre-game and half-time shows at the football games.   Also in the fall, the Marching Band participated in a Marching Band festival at Carroll, Iowa.

     In the spring on alternating years, the band marches in the Drake Relays Parade at Drake University in Des Moines, and the Veishea Parade at Iowa State University in Ames.  This year they attended Veishea.

     In early summer, the band participated in the parade for Scandinavian Days at Story City, Iowa.   This year work was done in preparation for the trip to Winnepeg, Canada.   The Marching Band deserves a salute from South High for representing the school so well at the many functions.

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Marching Band "S" (top to bottom): Craig Arneson; Loree Mortvedt; Janene Sogard; Dennis Klaver; Alan Staples; Frank Hanson; Fobin Hanson; Mike Johnston; Dendal Flygtad; Sheryl Thompson; Shari Smith; Mike Weltha; Linda Erbes; Diane Arends; Gretchen Vauble; Rich Sexe; Pat Ingamells; Harlan Berglund; Jeff Knutson; Julie Klaver; Julie Nelson; Jeanette Vold; Lois Remme; Ronda Carlson; Terry Bargema; Kathy Peters; Amy Wininger; Cindy Weltha; Gregg Doyle; Ron Williams; David Leeman; Gary McCocskey; Terry Inboden; Chris Redling; Kend Lindemann; Greg Richard; Tim Hanson; Glenda Peterson; Dick Iverson; Sue Mortenson; Kim Wiese; Peggy Anders; Terri Clancy; Jada Buckels; Janis Kilmer; Patty Soma; Robin Peterson.

Pom Pon Girls: Carol North; Kathreen Lindemann; Ilene Miller; Marlene Eide: Pat VanLangen; Wendy Erickson; Nile Norris; Andy Auestad; Pam Lutjen; Sara Anderson; Sandy Quam; Jody Busing; Lisa Danielson; Mary Jans; Laurinda Shaa; Deb Chelsvig.

Mr. Max Whitlock, director - Twirlers: Sandy Erbes; Peggy Ahrens - Not Pictured: Mickie Kuhfus

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Marching Band "H" (left sige top to bottom): Lori Voss; Jean Jolivette; Janelle VanDePol; Cindy Thompson; Lural Flygstad; Susan Lewiston; Lynn Dorris; Carla Luppes; Kirk Ringstad; Russ Teig; Mike Jansen; Daryl Wiese; Duane Soma; Everett Peterson; Steve Arends; Bruce Jolivette.

Bar of "H": Mary Walker; Bob Halleland; Cecilia Hadaway; Sharon Aden; Paula Weltha; Martha Streuber; Craig Hill; Becky Jacobson;

"H" Rightside: Tim Holt; Dick Hanson; Joel Erickson; Mary Welp; Kurt Carlson; Donna Doyle; Kathy Graham; Steve Fisher; Lanny Staples; Denny Vulgamott; Ron Barkema; Marvin Morgart; Myron Ostebee; John Lass; Mark Whitlock;

Pom Pon Girls: Trudy Heers; Julie Olson; Marcia Frette; Kris Ringstad; Julie Whitlock; Patti March; Julie Williams; Wanda Fortune; Sandy March; Ann Enderson; Sue Hove; Pam Carlson; Cindy Blomgren; Marie Weltha; Rita Schumaker; Wendy Wiese.

Twirler: Tracy Jacobson - Drum Major: Jon Christianson - Not Pictured: Roger Abell

Mark Whitlock, Robin Peterson and Bruce Jolivetter were selected for Allstate.