In 1993, the South Hamilton Concert Band and Concert Choir performed
at the St. Louis Six Flags over Mid-America Heritage Music Festival
and received First Place Honors.

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The South Hamilton High School Musicians are seen visiting the St. Louis Gateway Arch.
The students could take the ride inside the arch to go up the 630 foot structure.


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On April 29 of 1993, the local newspaper, South Hamilton Record News, printed the front page article seen below:

First Place Honors

    Receving First Place Honors at the St. Louis Six Flags over Midl-America Heritage Music Festival were the South Hamilton concert band and concert choir.   Both groups were honors as "Best in Class" in the commpetition that was held on Saturday, April 24 in St. Louis.

     The 96 students left Jewell on Friday, April 23 at 5:30 a.m. in 3 chartered motor coaches with 10 chaperons.  This is the first time the two groups have taken a combined trip and the first time since 1975 that the band has competed in a concert setting and not as a marching band.

      Each group presented 3 numbers in competition.  The band, under the direction of Kathy Yoakam, played Emblem of Unity March, Jamaican Fold Song Fantasy and A Jubilant Overture.  One of the adjudicators for the band was Frank Piersol who wrote Maxi March, the piece dedicated to former band director Max Whitlock.  His comments on the band were, "I thought the band did a fine job and has a lot of potential to be a top band in the state for their size."

     The concert choir presented Gloria in Excelsis, Pie Jesu, and Obey the Spirit of the Lord.    The choir is under the direction of Brent Peterson and comments received from the adjudicators included, "outstanding choral sound, and fine soloist and accompanist."

     The students also attended a performance of Sound of Music on the Riverboat Golden Rod (which is a historical showboat that inspired the musical Showboat).   The students also spent the time they were not performing on Saturday at the Six Flags Theme Park.  They also visited t7-3he St. Louis Gateway Arch, the Museum of Westward Expansion, the St. Louis Science Center and Omni Max Theater and on Sunday the attended a Cardinals baseball game against the Atlanta Braves with the Cardinals winning 7-3.   There was also time for shopping in the Union Station mall.   The students returned home early Monday morning.

     Those who attended as chaperons were Dave & Sue Gordon, Marcia & Harold Hove, Bill & Karla Taylor, Alan & Gina Spohnheimer, Brent Peterson and Kathy Yoakam.

     The group did experience a thrill on Saturday night as a storm went through the area and left the hotel without power for 6 hours.

     The instructors said, "The kids represented the school well, they played fantastic and sang great.  We were proud of them all."


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