Mrs. Gansen

First Performance
for 5th Graders

Students in South Hamilton's 5th Grade Band held their first performance together since beginning lessons on their instruments. Parents and grandparents were invited to the informal concert in the South Hamilton band room on January 23. Mrs. Gansen greeted the guests and explained how a band student would start their progress from the earliest stages to this point when their efforts culminated with this program.

There were few squeaks as the 5th graders nervously read their first piece of sheet music. But there were many smiles from the audience as each instrument family played to show skills learned and problems encountered.

The parents and friends were invited to stay following the demonstrations to join their son or daughter in a snack celebrating this performance Many in the audience remembered their own experience of learning to play an instrument.

The next performance of this ensemble will be in early May.


Alyssa Wirtz