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Seventh and Eighth Grade Band

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The Seventh and Eighth Grade Band first played Into the Light,
followed by The Rowan Tree, with solos played by Jasmine Nobiling and Eli Potter.
The band was conducted by their teacher, Ms. Alexa Gibbs.

Program page showing the order of the evening concert

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The South Hamilton
Middle School Band.

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Middle School Band program.

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Amanda Ostrem
Kaitlyn Northrop
Jasmine Nobiling
Fiona Brown
Bella Orr

Paige Jewell
Paige Doolittle
Savanna Freeman
Dylan Joachim
Tanna Thompson
Taylor Swanson
Briana Schwarzhoff
Dakota Oberender
Cami Stouffer

Bass Clarinet
Tiago Twedt

Alto Saxophone
Becca Sporing
Ashlyn Erickson
Tyler Koehnk
Valerie Wagner
Pete Coburn
Adley Peters
Gabe Bourquin

Tenor Saxophone
Aidan Hill

Eli Potter
Emily Waugh
Kaitlyn Schroeder
Makena Galetich
Juanita Daniels
Dylan Oskvig
Reece Ricke
Ryan Cross
Megan Busick
Graham Peters
Owen Jones
Kevin Gonzalez
Orlando Cruz

French Horn
Abby Adamski

Jozi Klonglan
Hanna Robinson
Cole Severseike
Jack Moline
Prestin Van De Pol
Bobby Tapper
Mariela Gomez
Koda Koster
Drake Seiser
Bryan Hernandez


Eddie Wirth
Joselynne Moreno
Rachel Jensen
Will Angove
Aaron Kein

Erin Hassebrock
Carter Stolee
Grant Harris

Mackenzie Henderson
Clara Smuck
Madison Dunmire
Cady Zimmerman
Lauren Vold
Luke Potter
Onika Brown


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The Seventh and Eighth Grade portion of the program ended with The Great Locomotive Chase.

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South Hamilton Middle School Band playing Superheroes

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The South Hamilton High School Band

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Emily went to the microphone when it was time for the South Hamilton High School Band to perform.
The first of the number they played was Sound Innovations.
This tune is special because it will be performed on May 11 for the 2019 Iowa Bandmasters Annual Convention.
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Published in the South Hamilton Record News:

     The South Hamilton Community School District will have a band playing at the Iowa Bandmasters Association State Convention for the second year in a row.   This time the South Hamilton High School Concert Band has been chosen to play for this prestigious event.   The IBA convened listening panels made up of elementary, junior high, and high school directors from every IBA district to select through blind audition the 2019 Conference Honor Ensembles and South Hamilton was selected as the Class 2A Band to perform.   Last year the South Hamilton Middle School Band was chosen through the same blind audition process.   Both bands are under the direction of Ms. Alexa Gibbs.   Each grade level can only submit an audition recording every three years so this indeed is an honor the South Hamilton Music Department can be proud of.

Watch and listen to the
South Hamilton High School Band
as they perform Sound Innovations.

(24 MB   MPG Video)

Sound Innovations was conducted by their instructor, Ms. Alexa Gibbs.

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The conductor for the next tune, Solas Ane, was Jacob Welper,
student teacher and low brass specialist from Iowa State University.

Emily Willadsen
Lydia Spicer
Daniele Moon
Breanna Deimerly
Megan McSparin
Anna Lammers

Elyse Payne
Trista Strohman
Kaylee Oskvig
Lilly Orr
Breanna Albers
Deanna Genochio
Halley Koster

Alto Clarinet
Meg Reiter

Bass Clarinet
Aaron Deiber

Ella Carlson
Casey Ewing


Alto Saxophone
Miranda Deppe
Abby Cousins
Emma Popp

Tenor Saxophone
Carlie Seuferer
Chase Friest

Baritone Saxophone
Cortney Harris
Jaydon Williams

Clay Willadsen
Kaden Angove
Nathan Wilson
Anna Utrera
Aidan Penning
Hunter Arneson
Logan Halfwassen
Xander Winborn

French Horn
Wyatt Heins
Mikayla Gasaway


Elly Hassebrock
Tanner Blue
Jessica Burkhart
Marissa Jensen
Mason Alsager
Justin Wilson

Lizzi Barrett
Brenna Barquist
Aubrey Venegas

Dawson Mueggenberg
Evan Payne

Cade Balvanz
Zach Campbell
ATy Thompson
Abby Ervin
Emmaly Fields
Sierra Flores
Jose Gonzalez
Nolan Johnson
Bailey Murphy
Aspen Wibholm
Grace Young

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The final number on the Parade of Bands Concert program was the School song, from the Great Plains March
performed at the same time by all four bands.

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Watch a video of the all South Hamilton Bands performing their School Song.

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