Short Activity Clips from the year 2002-2003
These mpg ( or mov) movie clips range in size from 200kb to 1MB and
will play from 16 to 45 seconds.  If you are on a dial-in phone connection
these files might take several minutes to load.
Aggressive Cheer
Red and White Cheer
Get Rowdy Cheer
Football Tunnel
Chopper Landing
Girls JV BB Warmup Drill
Girls JV BB Circle
Girls BB Starters
Volleyball Circle
Boys BB Starters
Halftime Concert Formation
HS Band - Echano
HS Band - Echano - Flags
HS Band - Mangione #2
HS Band - The Indoor Duet
HS Band - El Gato
Lynsey playing Edelweiss
12 Days of Christmas
All-State Chorus Te Deum
All-State Somewhere
All-State Battle Hymn #1
All-State Battle Hymn #2
Hamilton Holidays MPGs
School Song
If you have high bandwidth net access, 
you might wish to watch a video (mpg or mov) sampling of these activities.
The file size ranges from 2 to 36 MB.
Middle School Dance
Varsity BB Feb 4
BB Pep Band
Cheerleading Routine Part 1
Cheerleading Routine Part 2
Adam Swalla's Slam
MS Chorus Good Friend
HS Band Shaker Dance Finale
Auld Lang Syne - Farewell

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