Changes in the countryside

The countryside scene and farming has changed since South Hamilton School started.

Old style tractors worked hard to keep farm operations going.

About New Tractors

       There are literally hundreds of tractors from which to choose, from compact residential models to heavy-duty machines with more than 300 horsepower.  Once you select a model, you'll also have to choose among a wide variety of features and options.

     The vast majority of tractors are four-wheel drive.  Four-wheel drive tractors offer better traction than two-wheel drive models and they're a necessity if you're planning to use front attachments such as loaders.  Two-wheel drive models are only preferable if you'll be doing lots of driving at road speeds.

     Some tractors have enclosed cabs; others do not.  A tractor with an enclosed cab comes at a higher price tag, but offers greater comfort to the driver and protection from elements like sun, wind, rain and snow.  Tractors with cabs also have higher resale values. However, cabs are far less common with compact tractors.

These figures could now be out-of-date.

John Deere 9560RT

The model is intended for plowing fields, equipped with a 560-horsepower engine and is worth 444,800 dollars.

Usually the price of agricultural machinery Lamborghini range from 100 000 to 200 000, but this model is likely to go beyond previous limits.   Lamborghini Nitro, presented at the beginning of the year, has won the “Golden Tractor” for the best design in its class.

Wind Power

Wind power from Windmills

Many farms operated with the help of a windmill.   Sometimes the windmill would pump water from a well into a stock tank.

Windmill Turning
Only a few windmills still turn and work.

Click to watch a real windmill on a farm!

Many times only the tower is left to remind us of how farmers used the power of wind.

Wind power is still used, but now to make electrical power

Barns, fences, tractors and more have changed    How many farms are family farms?   How many acres make a farm?