As we age, so many changes are noticed.

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Schools have changed.    Community schools have replaced both the one-room country school and the standard one school district for each town.   Interstate freeways have nearly replaced the railroads that were once so important.

Gone are the days when you noticed in the band that only boys played the brass instruments, and only girls performed on woodwind instruments.

Tattoos are no longer just for the hoodlum, a criminal or dangerous thug, or a person who's just up to no good.  Now professional like teachers, pastors, noted athletes, and many women are wearing their tatoos.   Today, you may meet ladies who are Ministers or Doctors, or perhaps your nurse is a guy.

Telephones have changed.

Automobiles keep changing.

Changes on the farm

Computers and Technology Changes

South Hamilton had a Computer Club.

Cameras and Photography has changed.

Gone are the days when all girls were required to wear skirts to school.   And gone are the days when the high school principal walking towards the lunchroom might ask a girl to kneel on the floor to find if her skirt might be "too short".    If the skirt touched the floor while she was kneeling, it was indeed "too short" and she was sent home to change into a longer skirt.

Swimwear has changed

Hair length - Gone are the days when the principal might stop a boy walking down the hall to check  the length of his hair to determine if it was "too long".   If the principal's index finger would touch hair when he ran his finger over the boy's ear, he might send the lad home and tell him not to come back until his hair was cut.