Swimwear keeps changing

One-piece swimwear comes in many styles.

Swimwear changes to two-piece

Swimwear has changed because many modern females prefer two-piece swimwear.

However, there is disagreement on how much fabric to use and how much skin may show.

How much skin should be allowed to show?

How much skin?

Many modern females prefer two-piece swimwear and the bikini for swimming.  Time has changed swimsuits.

Right or wrong, as swimwear has changed, more skin is seen.
The eternal question: How much skin may I show?

Do we need more fig leaves?

Eating the forbidden fruit instantly produced a negative side effect for Adam and Eve.   According to Genesis, they realized they were naked and therefore covered themselves with fig leaves. Things rapidly went downhill after that.   Now those fig leaves have become a subject of study and consternation for many art restorers at work on Italian Renaissance masterpieces.

An important test case has recently been resolved involving Masaccio's 15th-century frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel in Florence. The issue was whether or not to remove fig leaves added to the frescoes by a latter-day censor. The verdict, which may set a precedent, was back to nature. 


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