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Stanhope and area

The original Stanhope schoolhouse is now the home of Ross Hill.

this is a portion of a larger photo which hangs at the Stanhope Public Library

In 1914, a new brick school house housing the bell from the original school was constructed in the northeast corner of Stanhope.   It had 8 rooms until a 1923 addition on the west added 4 more rooms and a gymnasium.   The bell from the old school was placed in the new school.

The gymnasium addition on the west end is seen here as the dark area on the left side of this 1953 photo.

Visible on the east or right side of the photo above is the newer, single story addition of several classrooms completed in 1952.  In 1954 the Stanhope Consolidated School District became the Community School District of Stanhope.  In 1958, Stanhope joined Randall, Jewell, and Ellsworth to become South Hamilton Community School District.

photo courtesy of Stanhope Community Library
When all high school students were sent to Jewell as part of South Hamilton School, the Stanhope school was used as one of the two junior high schools in addition to housing the Stanhope area elementary students.  Then starting in the 1968-1969 school year, the building held only the K-6 students.  In the 1972-1973 school year when the entire district's 5th and 6th graders were shuttled to Randall, the building operated as a K-4 elementary.  The last year the building was used was the 1975-1976 school year after which the 4th graders went to Randall and all K-3 students were bused to Jewell.

The old schoolhouse was demolished to make room for Stanhope's senior housing units.  The Stanhope bus barn is the only remaining evidence of the location of the school.    It was located East of the brick schoolhouse.

St. Paul Lutheran Church is located south
of Stanhope, just west of highway 17,
not far from the Hamilton/ Boone County line.

Located immediately south and a bit west of the church building, they operated a school, pictured below.

      The St. Paul School had one teacher who taught all students through the 8th Grade.   Following their 8th grade graduation, students either stayed home to work on the farm, or attended another school for their high school education.   Many graduated from Stanhope High School (or later, from South Hamilton High School).

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