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Ellsworth and area

The front part of the Ellsworth wood frame school building was constructed between 1885 and 1890.   The first floor room was used for primary grades, and the second floor was used by the grammar grades.  The back section was built in 1900 and was used by the upper grades.

This building faced North and was located just east of where Steve Holt's residence is now located.

The brick Grade Schoolhouse was built east, next to the frame schoolhouse in 1913.  The frame school visible in the background was shortly thereafter moved and became two residences, one on each side of the street a half block north of the brick school.   The house made from the front portion (see photo below) has been razed to make room for the Hemphill home at 1819 DeSota Street, but the house made from the back portion still survives on the east side of the street (Hovda residence, 1818 DeSota Street). 

When Ellsworth joined as part of South Hamilton School, this brick building continued to house the Ellsworth area elementary students until 1969 when the high school building across the street was available for the elementary.   This structure was razed in 1974.

The high school building was built in 1916 across the street from the grade school.  It had a small gymnasium in the basement which was later used as a lunch room when the new gym was added in 1951.   This building was used by South Hamilton School as one of its two junior high schools until the 1968-1969 school year when all 7th through 9th graders attended the new school in Jewell.   Then it became an elementary center for K-6 students until 5th and 6th graders were shuttled to Randall.   The building ceased to be used as a school in the 1975-1976 school year when all the district's 4th graders also went to Randall and the remaining students were all moved to the Jewell center.   The building now survives as part of the Ellsworth Community Center.

Another view of the wood frame school.

House (now razed) made from the front portion of the wood frame schoolhouse.

Aerial view of the Ellsworth school complex
Grade School pictured on the left, High School and Gym on the right

There were a number of country schools used before the bus system took students into Ellsworth.

This one-room country school was located two miles east and two miles south of Ellsworth.

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The remains of the one-room country school (Brock School) attended by Paul Valde of Ellsworth
is barely visible from the road today.   This school operated six miles north of Ellsworth.

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