The 2001-2002 School Year
Kiss the Pig
Weather Station Celebration
Breakfast Buddies
P.E. Activities
MS Career Day
MS Spring Vocal Program
Dare Graduation
5 & 6 Spring Vocal Program
Large Group Music Contest
E.P.'s Econ Project
E.B.'s Cross Country Page
Melanie W.'s Bowl Trip
5th Zoo Trip
Educators Leaving SH
Springbrook Scenes
HS Spring Concert
Community Service Awards
Jump Rope for the Heart
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This Year's Photo Album
Summer Artist
Huegerich Family Addition
Class of 1981 Reunion
Fall Play Sets Crew
Mrs. Marcott's Math Page
Essay Contest Winner
Stanhope Parade
MS Contest Schedule
MS Contest Participants
HS Contest Top Ratings
Bethany Manor Pen Pals
Dare Kickoff
Mr. Paulsen's 3rd Grade Page
Fitness Friday
Superhero Day
Elementary Fairness Activity
100th Day Celebration
9th Volleyball
JV and Varsity Volleyball
Gingerbread Houses
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Marching Band
Oct. HS Music Program
HS Football & Cheerleaders
Food Pantry Giving
HS Christmas Concert
Meet Seth Halleland
Beach Party
El Restuarante Mexicano
Karl King Scholarship
PE Ski Trip
HS February Concert
MS February Concert
Retiring Educators
Student-built House
Randall Teachers Reunion
Coronation Night
Canoeing Class Final Exam
Homecoming Week Photos
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Friend of Education
MS Fall  Program
5th & 6th Fall Program
Mall Caroling
Wrestling - RS Invitational
Caroling at the Elementary
9th Girls Basketball
Wrestling vs. WG
Speech Contest Practice
Veggie Friends
Meet Me in St. Louis
5th Grade Lung Dissection
Cappuccino Day
All-State Performers
 Cross Country Season
Spanish III
6th Heart Dissection
Finders Creepers

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