The 1999-2000 School Year
Mr. Paulsen's Third Grade Website
Construction Photos
Meet Lorraine Hannah
Meet Dulce Faz
5th Zoo Trip
Iowa Administrators' Scholarship Winner
National Merit Scholar
Moving Day
7th Grade Volleyball
Homecoming Week
FFA Activities
Class of 2000
1999-2000 Photo Album
State Cross CountryQualifier
1999 All-State Performers
Get Involved!
Eileen Buskies
Friend of Education
Read a Million Minutes
Funky Feet Day
Fuzzy Animal Day
6th Grade Shirt Art
Remember Jill Kubichek
Mousetrap Cars
Heart Dissection
Football Cheer Squad
1999 Baseball Banquet
It's Halloween
Reception for Mrs. Welp
Natsuko Hayama
Milk Moustaches
Gingerbread Houses
Dare Breakfast Prison Trip Photos Cinderella Photos
Hawk Talk Banners and Crests
Meet Lucie Henry
Hamilton Holidays
Visit the Arts at South Hamilton
Football Season
6th Grade Ski Trip
Online Practice Room
Large Group Contest
Springbrook Trip
Spring Concert Photos
MiddleSchool Softball
Spanish Guests
Pop, Popcorn, & Pops
MS Contest Schedule MS Contest Photos 6th Electricity Projects
Celebrate 100 Days
Sting Softball Team
Elementary Dedication

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