The 1997-1998 School Year
30 Years Later 6th Grade Field Trip Exchange Students
Science Trip Fall Play Prison Trip
Carver Grant Pages
Biology Student Web Pages
A Carver Grant Project
Language Arts Page
7th and 8th Grade
Language Arts Pages
Homecoming Doors Bill Bell Festival Jennon to All-State
100 Days of school Coral Reef Bake Sales
The Fourth Grade Hosts Visitors - Carlson's Oldsmobile Truck
South Hamilton School 1997-1998 Photo Album
Stratford Exchange
Lung Dissection
Earth Day
4th graders visit sophomore web pages
Annie photos
Life's a Beach Veggie People Volunteers Day
2nd Grade Science IBA Performers Friends of Education
Hawk Talk Banners Hawk Talk Crests Solar Car Races
Volunteer Appreciation Tea
1998 Springbrook
5th & 6th Art - Fall 5th & 6th Art - Spring Elementary Art
Cross Country CC Banquet 3rd Grade Play
Guest Speaker Sheriff Anderson 8th Grade Art
Heart Dissection P.E.O. Donates to D.A.R.E. Program
D.A.R.E. Graduation
Anatomy Class 7th Keyboarding Food Pantry help
Nathan Windwalker Speaks FFA Performers
Christmas Caroling Gingerbread Buddy Groups
First Performance Des Moines Symphony Winner

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